Monday, March 30, 2020

The Positive Place for Kids!


Chief Professional Officer
G. Dean Young

Our Staff

G. Dean Young Executive Director

Pamela Weiland Resource Development Director

Jonathan Young Administrative Assistant

Monica Bowles Program Director

Jacquline White Creative Arts Director

Evan Obey - Sports, Fitness, & Recreation Coordinator

David Caldwell - Sports, Fitness & Recreation Mentor

Annette Lalka 21st Century Teaching Assistant

Kendra Durrah 21st Century Teaching Assistant

Jill Crowell - Instructor "Healthy Habits"

Programs are implemented with the assistance of a dedicated volunteer workforce

Advisory Board      

Our Board
Brigitte Bison - Board President 2018
Dennis W. Cullen - Treasurer
Sam Nimeh Board Secretary 
Robert A. Bryson, Jr. -  Chair Nominating Committee & Past President
H. Robert Hollywood, Honorary Board Member & Past President
Richard Master, Honorary Board Member & Past President
Martin D. Cohen, Esq.   
Judge Robert Freedberg .
Antonia Grifo, Esq.
Theresa Hogan, Esq. *
Bernard Metz, Sr.
Anthony Milia
George Nassoor, D.P.M.
Judge Jack A. Panella
Michael Sawyer
Judge Edward G. Smith
Judge Franklin Van Antwerpen
Martin Zippel  *

Board Officers: 
Gordon Bennett*
Suzanne Fredericks
Gretchen L. Geisser, Esq.
Ivy L. Harding
Smith W Holland
Dr. James F. Krivoski
Joseph E Milutis*
Deveon Robinson
Mark Chando
Martin B. Stern, CIH
Alison B. Pickel*

* indicates Past Presidents of the Board

Contact Dean Young on 484 239 2075 or email if you are interested in joining our Board of Directors

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