Monday, March 30, 2020

We Salute
our College Volunteers

From across the Lehigh Valley. For their Community Outreach And commitment to our Youth!

This Club is proud of its partnership with Colleges across the Lehigh Valley, connecting Club Kids with caring volunteer students & faculty staff. We thank Lafayette College for a variety of weekly activities including ‘Girl Talk’, ‘Tutoring’, ‘Teens in the Community’, tickets to Williams Center for the Arts performances, Fundraisers & much more. Also we thank Lehigh University’s Community Service Office for continuing to get involved in our core programs. In addition, we thank Northampton Community College for their community service volunteers.

The Boys & Girls Club of Easton is proud to have a phenomenal band of volunteers from Lehigh Valley Colleges:

We pay special tribute to Lafayette College for the students’ support of After-school programs through ‘TIC’, Girl Talk, Tutoring, & Rec Night, and for helping out with special events, athletic programs, and mentoring youth.

For the fourth year we welcome Lehigh University students who are volunteering in After-school programs and group special events.

Many thanks to Northampton Community College’s community service volunteers who enhance our youth programming at the Club.
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